Miniature Horse Stud

All Our Previously Owned Miniature Horses & Ponies

Kitty O'Connor
Owned for 20yrs. Died 3 June 2007 age 29.

Laurella Mon Cheri
Rossglen Washington x Laurella Debbie. Died 7 August 2008 age 20.

Warnervale Kimber
Palmdale Boy George x Kim Dande Liana. Died 27 Oct 2010 age 10.

Badlands Spirit Of Warwick
Carbines Little Rex x Molly. Sold Nov 2007.

Fleetwood Park Possum
Sold December 2007.

Badlands Mustang Sally
Rescued, rehomed March 2009.

Badlands Mighty Piccolo
Tri Diamond Hydro Boy x Shady Glen Amy. Sold.

Badlands Wicked Ink
Sold May 2008.

Badlands Rockabilly Rebel
Minivale Manhatten x Jewelea Ferella. Sold May 2008.

Badlands Barracuda
Sales rescue. Sold May 2008.

Jewelea Ferella
Leased for 12mths til Aug 2008.

Jewelea Sex In The City
Minivale Manhatten x Wandellow Park Afling. Sold Oct 2008.

Badlands Cinnamon Breeze
Rescued, rehomed Nov 2008.

Badlands Silver Rain
Unknown x Mini World Blue Wren. Sold Feb 2009.

Badlands Buddy Holly
Sold March 2009.

Rescued, rehomed April 2009.

Badlands Blackjack Zack
Rescued, rehomed May 2009.

Badlands Heza Fancy Devil
Sold July 2009.

Rescue, rehomed August 2009.

Yarreh Lane Shy Fox
Sold Sept 2009.

Regal Park Love Melody
Sold Sept 2009.

Badlands Snow Demon
Rescue, rehomed Oct 2009.

Sold 2009.

Badlands Flirtatious Fury
Given away as a pet 2009.

Rescue, rehomed 2010.

Badlands Oriental Doll
White Jambhala Adonis x Rocky Mountain Mandy. Sold Oct 2010 (bought back Jan 2016).

'Special Ed'
Rescue, rehomed 2010.

Junolan Celestial Prince
Gunnadoo Starlight Lad x Junolan Champs Lunar Lass. Sold 2010.

Janneil Jaclyn
Shady Glen McGregor x Mulwaree Jade. Sold Dec 2010.

Badlands Dreamweaver
Rescue, rehomed Jan '11. Died March '12.

Badlands Penny Candy
Sold in foal, June 2011.

Badlands Hollywood Lights
Kirk Moon Smokey x Janneil Jaclyn. Sold June '11.

Rocky Mountain Mandy
Sold in foal, June 2011.

Palmdale Boy George
Palmdale George x Palmdale Debra. Sold June '11.

Junolan Moonshadow
Gunnadoo Chester x Junolan Suzy Q. Sold July '11.

Badlands Little Red Corvette
Sold mid 2011.

Junolan Ginges Bubby
Smithdeals Rowdy's Little Champ x Junolan Ginger Fluff. Sold '11.

Badlands Forever Young
Jabiru Salt N Pepper x Junolan Ginges Bubby. Sold '11.

Badlands Sundancer
Junolan Lunar Eclipse x Junolan Moonshadow. Sold Jan 2012.

Wee Littlens Apache King
Sold 2011.

Theresa Park Peaches N Cream
Rescue, rehomed Dec 2011.

Croydon Park Cherokee
Wyarna Jeronimo x Unknown. Sold Jan 2012.

Badlands Pale Dove
Wildflower Grand Slam x Selah Molly. Sold in foal, 2012.

Badlands Gusto Blusto
Palmdale Boy George x Badlands Pale Dove. Sold as weanling 2012.

Badlands I'll Tumble 4 Ya
Palmdale Boy George x Mini World Mindy. Sold as weanling 2012.

Golden Reins Fyrebird
Wyeera Park CB Abacus x Golden Reins Misty Morning. Sold in foal, July 2012.

Badlands Black Comedy
Palmdale Boy George x Philiby Winfred Jean. Sold Nov 2012.

Badlands Guns N Roses
Jabiru Salt N Pepper x Philiby Winifred Jean. Sold as weanling 2013.

Dunolly Tiger
Rehomed as foal minder, 2013.

Badlands Rock N Roll All Nite
Jabiru Salt N Pepper x Golden Reins Fyrestorm. Sold Sept 2013.

Mini World Belinda
Bankstream Classic x Mini World Lady Di. Laid to rest 28 Feb 2014, age 21.

Aziz Lucky Charm
Atlanta Rhetts Charm x Koriana Sugar N Spice. Sold Feb 2014.

Redheart Meg
Rehomed locally, March 2014.

Badlands California Dream'N
Jabiru Salt N Pepper x Toralea Dreamaker. Sold as weanling 2014.

Mini World Mindy
Bankstream Larrikan x Mini World El Juliano. Laid to rest 20 Jan 2015, age 19.

Badlands Dream 'N On A Star
La Bella Vista Starbuck x Toralea Dreamaker. Sold as 2yo in Jan 2015.

Badlands Fyrecharm
Aziz Lucky Charm x Golden Reins Fyrestorm. Sold as weanling 2015.

Badlands Luckmaker
Aziz Lucky Charm x Toralea Dreamaker. Sold as a weanling, April 2015.

Toralea Dreamaker
Twin Acres Sinbad x Toralea Navi's Rainbow. Died 16 April 2015, age 14.

Badlands Mandrake The Magician
Anyssa Park Merlin The Magician x Golden Reins Dancy's Daughter. Sold as yearling, June 2015.

Badlands Broken Arrow
Manchurian Golden Arrow x Mini World Mindy. Sold August 2015.

Badlands Aladdin Sane
Jabiru Salt N Pepper x Badlands It's A Miracle. Sold as a yearling, Aug 2015.

Jackafella Sheryl
Carala Jeronimo x WF Tantrums. Sold Nov 2015.

Badlands Diesel N Dust
Jabiru Salt N Pepper x Golden Reins Dancy's Daughter. Sold March 2016.

Badlands Pepe Le Kewl
HP Millennium Magic x Apoco-D Paris. Sold March 2016.

Badlands It's A Miracle
Palmdale Boy George x Golden Reins Fyrebird. Sold (in foal) March 2016.

Rehomed as a child's pony, 2016.

South Wind Supreme's Show Me Off
Still R Mocha Supreme x South Wind Kids Silk Gloves. Sold March 2016 to a show home.

Badlands Max Dynamite
Badlands Karma Chameleon x Philiby Winifred Jean. Sold April 2016 to QLD.

Badlands Karma Chameleon
Palmdale Boy George x Golden Reins Fyrestorm. Sold May 2016 to a show home.

Silky Oak Sunset Shimmer
Rehomed as a riding pony/pet.

Zelvan Iza Brave Wolf
Shangdamara Little Apache x Glorydoon Fantasy. Rehomed as a companion pony.

Badlands Heza Dance Sensation
Tapika Silver Sensation x Badlands Disco Diva. Sold Nov 2016 to a local home.

Badlands Weowna Chilli Pepper
Jabiru Salt 'N Pepper x Glorydoon Fantasy. Sold Dec 2016 to a harness home.

Golden Reins Fyrestorm
Temeljon Lucky Nite B4 Xmas x Golden Reins Misty Morning. Sold Feb 2017 to a stud home.

Silky Oak Black Diamond Rose
Sold Feb 2017 to a stud home.

Badlands Black Country Rock
Jabiru Salt 'N Pepper x Silver Star Sahara. Sold April 2017 to a local home.

Badlands Sound N Vision
Jabiru Salt 'N Pepper x Philiby Winifred Jean. Sold June 2017 to a local home.

Badlands Ashes To Ashes
Badlands Karma Chameleon x Apoco-D Paris. Sold Oct 2017.

Badlands Lonesome Cowboy
Project pony rehomed Dec 2017.

Badlands Salt 'N Of Swing
Jabiru Salt 'N Pepper x Badlands Sass N Jazz. Sold Dec 2017.

Banshees Lucky's Fancy
Marks Lucky Streak (Imp USA) x Flying Dust Pretty Fancy. Sold to stud home in Victoria, Feb 2018.

Badlands Tumble N Twirl
Jabiru Salt 'N Pepper x Silver Star Amy. Sold April 2018.

Badlands Burning Love
Banshees Lucky's Fancy x Badlands Forbid'N Love. Sold April 2018.

Apoco-D Paris
Apoco-D Black Opal x Apoco-D Gemma. Died 15 April 2018, aged 20.

All Our Previously Owned Riding Horses & Large Ponies

Don't be alarmed by the number of horses, many of them were rescues or retrained racehorses and this list spans over 15 years! It is here solely for reference in case anyone now owns any of these and would like to make contact with us. For those who were unaware, Badlands Farm was originally founded in 2001 as a Thoroughbred Rescue-Retrain-Rehome farm, and we moved onto Miniatures in 2006, however we were still actively saving horses and ponies from Windsor and Camden saleyards from 2006-2012.

Andalusian X Gelding. My soulmate for 8yrs. Died 3 Jan 2006, age 25.

Bigger Than Texas (Barney)
Thoroughbred Gelding. Sold Nov 2006.

Little Dan (Danza)
Thoroughbred Gelding. Sold Dec 2009, now deceased.

Frosty Mitchell (Pepper)
Thoroughbred Gelding. Rehomed March 2009.

Coolahlee Park Elijha (Jay)
Pure Arab Gelding. Swapped Nov 2007.

Friesian X Warmblood Gelding. Dressage & Film Trained. Stupidly sold Feb 2012.

Stockhorse Gelding. Sold June 2010.

Silky Serene
Standardbred Mare. Sold June 2011.

TB Gelding. Leased, returned 2011.

Jamtin (Jimmy)
ASH Gelding. Sales rescue. Rehomed Feb 2011.

Southern Blaze
Anglo Arab Gelding. Died Dec 2008.

Aliendo (Charlie)
Standardbred Gelding. Sold Feb 2007.

Sterling Audition (Sterlo)
Quarab Gelding. Rescued, rehomed March 2008.

Lady Belarus (Sparky)
Thoroughbred Mare. Sold 2002.

Standardbred Mare. Belonged to a friend.

Stormen Norman
TB gelding. Stayed with us during 2006 while he was for sale.

Rescued, given to a relative.

Aged Shetland Gelding. Rescue, rehomed 2010.

QHx Mare. Rescue, rehomed Dec 2009.

Welsh Mare. Sold 2009.

Shadow Of A Rose (Sammy)
Welsh Mare. Swapped Aug 2007.

Half Moon Of Badlands (Rosie)
Welsh Mare. Rescue, rehomed Aug 2007.

Miss Trophy (Sophie)
QHx Mare. Rescue, rehomed June 2006.

Welsh X Mare. Belonged to a friend, 2005.

Beltana (Sootie)
TB Gelding, owned 2012-2013.

Redglow (Red)
Beautiful old QH Gelding, owned 2010-2014.

Beautiful old stock horse gelding, sold 2016.